Your very personal event

We provide different solutions to adapt our tents in your corporate identity or event branding.

Custom-made Valence
CI-Colors and/or Logo


Additional Banner


Top: Additional triangle banner
Inner area: Custom gobo-projection


Completely custom-made tent in corporate colors
with printed logos



Endless possibilities

The Opera tent and stage system, including accessories, is a large toolbox capable of creating any number of possibilities. We would be happy to hear your individual ideas and create a solution using our standardized system components. Many of our systems can be combined, as shown in the following scenario.


custom-built model

Perfectly happy

Do our standardized parts not meet your needs? We can construct new ones – especially adjusted to your needs and wishes. Whether a tent or awning needs adjusting, or whether you require an entirely new concept, we can implement your idea and make it transportable. We’re eager to meet any challenge!