Our roofs do not only deviate from the norm optically!

Whereas for tents and stages with flat surfaces the wind pressure and wind suction values may be gathered from the norm, this is not the case with us. A stress analyst may indeed be able to adapt the values determined by the norm to the form to this best of his knowledge and ability but true certainty may only be achieved by way of a wind assessment report.

We wanted to have this certainty and, in 2013, commissioned a wind tunnel test from the Wacker wind engineers.

The latter made a modular copy of the roof and bored ca. 140 pressure measuring drill holes in it. It was subsequently subjected to air streams from 24 wind directions in steps of 15° and the roof membrane in divided into zones of equal wind pressure and wind suction, which then flowed into the calculation of the supporting framework structure and membrane dimensioning.

We were particularly interested thereby in the stage version closed on one side with regard to which the most unfavourable wind exposures were to be expected due to build-up effects.

Windkanal1 Windkanal2

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