175th annual celebration of the Technical University of Chemnitz

On 2nd May 2011 the Technical University of Chemnitz celebrated its 175 years of existence with an official ceremony in the opera and an anniversary party at the Opernplatz. This was the prelude to the festival week with a diverse programme of concerts to sporting events and exhibitions.

We took care of the technical facilities at the anniversary party at the Opernplatz. The centre point was our Opera-Tent.com stage roofing. It provided protection from the weather for the speeches, rounds of discussions and the performances by Studio WM with the Reinhard Stockmann Band.  And protection from the elements really was needed since, unfortunately, there was a break in the glorious, almost summer-like weather of the previous days. However, this didn’t affect the 1,500 people from Chemnitz, who celebrated in temperatures of just a few degrees over zero, accompanied by wind and drizzle.

Along with the exclusive stage system, we also supplied the complete event technology

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